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BeaUty Of LiFe
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

EXam Is Coming....

Argh...exam is coming...
I have another one week to study...
Actually I am not too worry about the exam as I'm a types of person who study for relax..

I'm not a person who will sit still and open book and read it for a whole day..For me ,that kind of way is quite depressing..not only for the person who studying but also to the person near them..
(different person, different opinion..)

When I study, I prefer to watch movie or listen to music as well as dancing...can you amagine that? I hope you can..I will open my book and write notes, but at the same time at my laptop I will open the movie or songs and shake@ move my body...This way more relaxing to me..and I also can enjoying myself..

As a muslim, studying is not the only way to success..

I also pray to Allah to make ease all my matter including study matter and others...But it is much more better if I pray not only for myself but to others person...

So, I Pray That EveryOne Will Success In Everything "Good" That They Do!..May Allah Grant My Wishes...Ameen.

Everybody, Gud Luck! Fighting!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Free Da PaLesTin....HaVe PiTy 2 TheM..

Just take a look and think about it....Just a REMINDER!

They have right to live, right as the human dignity, and right to be them, please!

My FirsT Niece~ cute 아기~

NamE: Airis Dinie Arissa
BoRn :13 SePt. 2009

                                                    Her FiRst Day In Da WoRLd..

                                                                     FeVeR ~ 3rd MonTh

                                                                   5th MoNth...........

                                                                        7th MoNtH

                                                                       9Th moNtH                                        

                                                                     10th MoNtH

                                                                AlmOsT  1 yeAr!!

                                                                     1 YeaR's AriSSa...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

HaPPiNEss Is RElaTEd To OtHers

          Joy & happiness is not something that we can have and feel it by ourself. What is the point if only us that happy by the people around us are sad, suffer . The real happiness is when the happiness that we have involving others people. Even just look at the other's person happiness, we also can be happy. For example, aren't we happy when our own family happy. And, when we meet and know someone or somebody, at that moment we know them, deep in our heart the main thing that we want from and to them is HaPpIneSS.

Aren't you?
Sit and lookback at yourselves, what actually you want to give to the person around you?

Even if the person were your enemy now, the first day when you meeting and know them is actually to make them as your friend, right? Aren't friendship is a good and happy thing. You actually want to create a great moment from others (which is your enemy now) from the beginning but it ended by making them as your enemy. At the moment the person become your enemy, do you feel ease? I don't think so. If you ask me, what you should do to improve your relationship with your enemy?, what can I said is be patience and generous to them, let your generosity smoothen their heart and then just wait and see, time will recover everythings. If you can believe the others, JUST BELIEVE ME!

It is not that I never felt mad or angry to other people.Yeah, I do felt it. But, it is that I don't want to treat the person as my enemy. When I mad or angry to others person, what I do is just quiet and thought it as something normal and do something that can make me happy easily such as dance and listen to cute and funny songs, make jokes to childrens and be close to family. I easily be happy when there is family at my side. Family always be my cure internally and externally.

It is not that I'm a good person but I just want to create a nice, happy life. Not just for me but to the others. A good and nice memories are what brighten up this life. We will realize that life is so colourful and wonderful as we create the happiness not just to us but to others. When we maintain that beautiful life, we will reach FiNaL FeliZ ~ HaPpy EnDing....