BeaUty Of LiFe

BeaUty Of LiFe
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

EXam Is Coming....

Argh...exam is coming...
I have another one week to study...
Actually I am not too worry about the exam as I'm a types of person who study for relax..

I'm not a person who will sit still and open book and read it for a whole day..For me ,that kind of way is quite depressing..not only for the person who studying but also to the person near them..
(different person, different opinion..)

When I study, I prefer to watch movie or listen to music as well as dancing...can you amagine that? I hope you can..I will open my book and write notes, but at the same time at my laptop I will open the movie or songs and shake@ move my body...This way more relaxing to me..and I also can enjoying myself..

As a muslim, studying is not the only way to success..

I also pray to Allah to make ease all my matter including study matter and others...But it is much more better if I pray not only for myself but to others person...

So, I Pray That EveryOne Will Success In Everything "Good" That They Do!..May Allah Grant My Wishes...Ameen.

Everybody, Gud Luck! Fighting!

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